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The Skyfolk has always been, and always will be, bound by the laws that govern the skies. Revolutions of the stars and comets and galaxies are determined by the laws of physics, by things that can be measured. The Skyfolk do not deviate.

The Skyfolk do not create revolutions.

But when one-- the herald, some say, or the sayer, or the echoes and, in some circles, the new vortex-- attempts to spread the lingering whispers from the other creatures in the universe, the kingdom decides to take action, before anything drastic could happen. The Emissary-- has many names, most of them temporary, transient-- is to dissuade the herald, who calls himself Seth, by any means possible.


of all there is is a visual novel starring the comet Emissary and the magnetar Seth the Herald as they travel across the expanse.

The downloads below are the demo of the visual novel.


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Demo - Mac 32 MB
Demo - Windows 33 MB
Demo - Linux 37 MB
Demo - All 52 MB

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