Can I attach art yet? [JUNE 24th]

[coughs] Does anybody think I'm dead yet?

Despite how I felt this past month, I'm not. Even better, I've been chugging along: work bullet journal to keep track of things while looking snazzy? Check. Adding more and more menus into conversations to the point of there being a 3 tiered conversation tree? Check. Very strange animal jokes? Check check check.

(Real quick, though-- the reason why I haven't posted any devlogs despite there being one for months is honestly just: the attach new images functionality didn't work for me for over a month. Art progress is my only saving grace here.)


- Script is at 16k words, roughly about 15% through the main plot version 1. There's a planned 2-3 route that branch sometime midstory, with undetermined number of endings.

- 25 menus. Don't ask how.

- I compulsively added point systems for other characters' personalities in response to asked questions, leaving 23 point systems in my wake.

- Thala and Unia get new sprites with new outfits. Thala's old casual sprite will be redone because it sucked.

- Sinclaire gets an outfit special for her! (I cannot, for the life of me, remember if she appeared in the NaNo Demo)

- Em gets some expression adjustments, especially his dumbfounded expression. That one looked too dumb to the point of being out of place. (also, I finally colored his khanjali)

- KSEN FINALLY UPLOADED AT LEAST ONE OF THE THEMES HE DID FOR THIS. While he will be only doing a few pieces at most (HE IS WORKING ON THE GAME FROM WHICH I have ripped the characters to throw into an Ukrainian fantasy romp through bad farm animal jokes) I am honestly very thankful because they are perfect, and they're very important themes he's doing.

- The Celestes' house actually is rooouuughly pretty accurate to what illustrations I could find on traditional Ukrainian houses, + input from resident native himself. It's got a Sketchup model now, thanks to a Sensors and Measurement class I largely didn't listen to.

- Two people graciously lent their time to poring over the script! It should have less mistakes now, and I've actually expanded and rewrote on things a bit to make it more clear what's happening.

And that's it. I work on this solo on top of 24-course-credits-college so I'm just [bows low] sorry for taking so long for the proper demo!



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