The Art Of: WIP and Sketches

BONUS THING FIRST: Guess who has snazzy stuffs of Em and Thala?? Me! This is starting to sound like a plug but honestly I'm just showing off because I love Em and Thala and the new development in the ACTUAL game (which is a mecha strategy thing!) is getting me all up and running because it is GREAT.

illust 1. Sinclaire's initial sketch for festival dress.

illust 2. Mrs. Wandestinee's festival dress design + an unused Shaula festival design.

picture 3. Sketchup model of the current Celeste house. That's an oven. You sleep on top of it.

There will be a digital artbook accompanying the final release later; the game will remain free, but the book will probably be about $3-$5, detailing the outfits along with the various symbolisms and explanations.  They're best left for after the story's done, though, so... It'll be some time.

Thanks for your patience,


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