A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This NaNoRenO 2017 submission is a demo of the full game, which will be released later in the year. Currently, it's a barebone NaNoRenO build, and does not include music.

The full demo will be uploaded within this summer/autumn. Very sorry for the delay!

EDIT (April 8, 2017): Taken care of a bug where the vn crashes and continuing has Em's sprite disappearing for several screens.

The particularly uncouth would say that the Celeste are made from an unholy union: a mother with magic and premonition and a father whose hands grow poison can only bring their offsprings further downhill.

Their three sons see visions of different times.

Emilyan "Em" Celeste prefers never to think of his family and their dubious legacy. Dysfunctional is putting their messy history lightly; more aptly, perhaps, they're a collective failure.

Thala Wandestinee is destined for greatness. It is a great shame that he will die by the end of the summer.

Confronted by potential change, Em must decide how he thinks the future should be-- or, indeed, whether fate is really what he thought it's always been. All that, with Thala's fate and life in his hands.

Install instructions

1. Unzip the downloaded file.

2. Run the executable.


ToWeaveaThread-0.1-pc.zip 51 MB
ToWeaveaThread-0.1-mac.zip 36 MB

Development log


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will / have you uploaded the full game ? just curious ^^


hi! Fhffhssgg thank you for asking— I haven't, but I still do plan to finish! It's just that I'm on my last "studying" semester so I have put this on hiatus until I'm done with all my exams!

I redid quite a bit of things between when I uploaded for nanoreno and now, though! I'm hoping to finish the revamped version of the first part by September/October ^^

ah okay!! It's understandable, school is really important, I was just curious ^^. Good luck with your semester btw!! I'll be looking out for the revamped version :-)

The story is engaging (as I am interested in any folktale-style story), especially how the point of view and choice change between the Celeste brothers. 

But, perhaps some instrumental while the story unfolds could help reducing the effect of the rigid font ^^"

Aah, I'm glad the story wasn't boring (or overly confusing; I'm working on that)! I admit I should've at least updated the first NaNoRenO version with something with music, but I wanted to at least finish the arts for them-- and it's taking longer than I expected. Apologies for that! My friend did make some OST tracks for it, though-- I hope the experience was good enough to make checking the future polished demo worth re-reading?

Thank you very much, though! :D